How to Blow-Dry, Brush & Style your Hair? Every Girl’s Guidebook


I guess there is no girl who would say no to a non-stop-stunning hairdo. That’s why the right blow-drying, brushing and styling routine matters so much. How to do it? Check my guidebook!

What’s the best blow-dry routine like?

I’ve heard that air-drying is the best solution. Fine… but what if you are pressed for time and need to look amazing? Comb your strands out and rub a heat protection lotion in. Use a cool airflow and ion function to avoid hair static and damage. Once the hair is dry, set a cold airflow to close skin pores and hair scales. For the finishing touch, apply a smoothing and shine-boosting spray.

What’s the best hair brushing routine like?

Don’t brush your hair too often. Twice a day and after hair washing will do. While detangling, don’t use too much strength; be gentle. Pulling and tearing lead to hair breakage and thinning. Wrong brushing routine triggers hair frizz and static, too. To avoid it, choose brushes and combs that are made from natural material.

What’s the best hair styling routine like?

If you can’t think of a hairstyle – trust the professionals. Hairdressers will choose the one that suits you best. Remember to regularly trim the hair ends and freshen the hairdo up. Visiting a salon once in two months will do. Most of all, your hairstyling routine should be natural. Avoid bleaching, coloring and heat-styling. Don’t use elastics with metal elements because they may pull strands out and leave creases. Forget about tight updos to avoid weak bulbs and hair loss.

Girls, how do you care for your hairdo?


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