Time for natural care! Hair washes accelerating hair growth and combating hair loss (recipes)

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the topic of today’s entry are hair washes combating hair loss and encouraging hair growth. Indeed, sometimes I mentioned them while discussing the subject of hair care, yet I have never gathered all of the most important information together to prepare one, exhaustive entry on the very subject. It’s time to catch up with this.

Where does the idea to reach for hair washes come from?

I remember the day when, after taking a shower, I pulled out a handful of my matted hair from the drain. After just one wash! That was my personal tragedy because I had already started taking an interest in hair care and I assumed that I came a cropper. Now I know that just any method dealing with excessive hair loss wouldn’t do much because at that point of my life these were the hormonal fluctuations that should have taken the blame for this state of my hair. Dietary supplements failed me, changing my daily hair care routine into more delicate and rich in nutrients one didn’t also go into effect, and oils were too heavy then. What saved me were hair washes – marvellous, natural, effective, the best!!!

Hair washes are also called hair tonics because they are able to balance pH level of the scalp, ease irritations and supply the skin with many essential vitamins and minerals. Also, these cosmetics are a diversity of herbs, natural oils, vegetable extracts and other natural substances.

Homemade hair washes or readymade products?

I’m not a supporter of readymade cosmetics therefore my first entry concerning hair washes is about the natural ones, made at one’s own. My attitude to this case has its justification. A decent hair wash must be natural because we rub it into the scalp – a very delicate, easy to irritate part of our body. To me, homemade hair washes for hair loss and stimulating hair growth are much better because they are simply natural. Readymade cosmetics frequently contain alcohol, which is a substance facilitating absorption of the active substances, but at the same time it may contribute to dehydration and irritation. In extreme cases a hair wash featuring alcohol can intensify the problem of excessive hair loss instead of decreasing it!

Here are the recipes for the best hair washes which I often use myself.

  • Fenugreek hair wash for hair loss. Very effective, yet extremely odorous. A teaspoon of minced fenugreek seeds has to be covered with a glass of boiling water. Keep infusing it for a quarter of an hour. I can compare the smell of brewed fenugreek to lovage or chicken soup. Once fenugreek infusion cools down, you can start rubbing it into your scalp. I suggest you to plan carrying out this procedure in advance because I wouldn’t like to host guests with smelly hair if I were you. Fortunately, the characteristic aroma vanishes after a regular hair washing.
  • Onion hair wash for hair growth. Another stinker, yet equally effective. How to do onion hair wash? The recipe is very simple. This time, luckily, there is nothing to brew or infuse. Just take an onion, grate it and squeeze the juice using a fine sifter or gauze. If any of you have a juicer then the task becomes way easier, but remember to clean the device well afterward to get rid of the smell. Such a hair wash should be massaged into the scalp at least in two hours before regular hair washing.
  • Lemon hair wash has a slightly less impact on hair growth and won’t combat hair loss so well, but… it smells way better and is just perfect for greasy hair. Moreover, this hair wash is super easy to prepare because you need to squeeze out juice of a half of a fresh lemon and mix it with the same amount of water. This hair wash has to be applied after washing your hair, not before the procedure. Just take a small amount of it into your hands, massage into the scalp and don’t rinse. After a while, lemon hair wash is supposed to get absorbed leaving hair fresh for longer.
  • Quite an action is also delivered by nettle and field horsetail hair wash. If applied regularly, it prevents hair loss and guarantees faster hair growth. Without the smell of chicken soup, and that’s something! In order to prepare this homemade cosmetic you need a teaspoon of fresh or dried-out field horsetail and nettle. Cover the herbs with water, keep warming up for 15 minutes and after that cool it down and strain. Prepared in this way hair wash has to be applied to the scalp every day, either before or after hair washing.
  • The last proposition is flaxseed hair wash. This ingredient may save the day when our scalp is irritated or dehydrated due to, for example, using a mismatching shampoo or conditioner. Flaxseed doesn’t only soothe irritations and eliminate dandruff but also prevents excessive hair loss. Take a teaspoon of flaxseed, cover it with 125 ml of water and keep cooking on a low heat for a few minutes. Strain, cool down and apply alike any other hair wash. Best, if used before hair washing.

Uff… I guess these are all the hair washes for hair loss and hair growth that I wanted to show you. I’m not saying that in the future I won’t update the list with new recipes. Maybe I’ll also prepare a separate entry featuring reviews of the readymade hair washes. Let’s see what the future holds. For the time being, make a good use of the above-mentioned recipes and share your opinions and questions below. Which hair washes combating hair loss and encouraging hair growth served you well?



When I was a little Juliet, I wanted to become a teacher. Today, I am fulfilling myself by giving advice and describing my cosmetic experience through this blog. WELCOME!

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