How do I take care of my hair during autumn? Dietary supplements and cosmetics

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I bet you’ll agree with me when I tell you that autumn is a very demanding time both for us and our hair. Cloudy weather verifies how we took care of our strands during the summer and spring. Hence, when it appears that the care we provided our hair with was unsatisfactory, there’s something to do about it, fortunately. There is always time to improve the condition of our strands, even in the autumn. Check out how I do this. Let me invite you to read my newest entry.

Why does hair fall out?

The reason why hair gets thinner and thinner is connected with many factors. The most frequently enumerated are: genes, diseases and medications, improper care and applying mismatching cosmetics. Did you know that hair loss can also be connected with the weather changes? I guess, you’ve already noticed that in the autumn your hair starts falling out faster and in greater amounts whereas in the summer and spring it grows longer and thicker. This can be influenced by the vitamin and microelement level which are produced due to the sun. In the autumn, when the sun is hidden behind the clouds most of the time, our organism isn’t able to produce some nourishing substances. Therefore, we should supply our body with them in other ways.

We supplement our hair

Vitamins and microelements can really do wonders. Owning to dietary supplements, my hair keeps growing long even in the autumn. Moreover, it stops falling out, is more prone to damages, autumn temperature changes and lack of the sun. Vitamins that are worth swallowing are: A, E, H and the most of these belonging to B group. You will also make a good use of zinc, iron, silica and magnesium. The best effects will be generated thanks to consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruit (plumps, apples, grapes) as well as drinking herbal infusions (for example, nettle or horsetail). After more or less three months of taking such dietary supplements you should notice a big difference.

You wouldn’t do without cosmetics

I have in mind more than shampoos, hair masks and conditioners. For the autumn hair care you will also need either nettle or birch hair washes. Prepare or buy at a pharmacy’s birch or nettle water; rub it into your scalp every time after hair washing. Helpful are also hair masks that you prepare at home using the products you already have in your refrigerator. The effect? Your hair is going to be smooth, soft and damage-prone.


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