How to Follow Full Hair Care Routine? Valuable Tips for every Hair Lover

Comprehensive hair care isn’t at all easy. You must consider both the wellness of your hair and scalp. Advanced hair maniacs also take into consideration the environment and material that the packages of cosmetics are made from. For some girls, hair care means having hair trimmed regularly, keeping the color fresh and undergoing various salon treatments. So, what does complex hair care actually involve? You can find the answer in my post.

Bad hair day? Forget it

It is said that hair condition says a lot about the condition of the whole body. There are some dependencies between the state of hair and the hormone balance, diet, health problems, weather conditions and many other factors that we can or cannot change. Conclusion? If you want full hair care routine, take care of your health first. Then, move on to the outside care. Match products to hair and scalp type. Then, take action.

What damages hair?

The following factors have a negative impact on hair:

  • the passage of time;
  • stress, medication, various diseases;
  • pregnancy and nursing;
  • environmental pollution;
  • weather and outside conditions;
  • inappropriate care;
  • some chemical processing procedures.

How & what to use for a hair wash?

There isn’t a fixed rule saying how often to wash hair. Some girls must do it every day whereas others do it every two or three days; lucky ones do it once a week. The only righteous rule says hair must be washed when it needs washing. If you have to often cleanse your hair, just do it. Use good shampoos – the only ones that are able to remove the sebum excess, dandruff and styling products’ buildup.

Still, a good product isn’t all you need. The technique for hair washing matters a lot, too. Apply the shampoo only to scalp and massage it with fingertips. Don’t pull or scratch your skin with the nails. Don’t apply the shampoo to the hair ends because they may need totally different care. The shampoo lather will effortlessly remove impurities from the hair ends and lengths. Washing hair and scalp twice and using lukewarm water gives best effects. Both warm and cold water can irritate scalp and damage hair structure.

Hair Conditioner & Mask

Conditioners and masks are extremely important in hair care. Conditioners give superficial effects and they focus on sealing hair cuticles, smoothing and increasing shine. They are applied to damp strands after every hair wash. The cosmetic is applied from mid-lengths and you rinse it out with lukewarm water after a few minutes. On the other hand, masks penetrate hair shaft and guarantee strengthening, repair and nutrients.

How to comb hair the right way?

What we use for hair combing and how we do it also matters in hair care routine. You cannot detangle wet hair because it is really prone to damage. I’ve heard that natural bristle brushes don’t work well for damaged and overdried hair. Use detangling gadgets which have the tight arrangement of teeth and aren’t made from harmful material.

Trimming = care

Those claiming that trimming speeds up hair growth aren’t right. Yes, visiting a hair salon has its pluses. However, trimming hair ends has nothing to do with making hair longer. Removing split, damaged hair ends and getting a fresh hairdo are the only assets of having hair cut. It’s best to visit a salon every two or three months, and get a repair treatment once in six months.

Food for hair

What we eat and drink affects hair as well. If we eat bad food and fail to moisturise the body, no wonder hair is dull, weak and falls out in handfuls. Therefore, we should enrich our diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, low-fat meat and fish, mineral water. Also nettle or horsetail teas give good effects. Taking dietery supplements gives quite good results, making hair stronger and nourishing scalp.

Hair Oil Treatment

Hair oils are the hits of recent months. You can choose the ones that are good for your hair porosity: low, medium or high porosity. They abound in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other valuable ingredients. Oils are used for hair oiling, or hair oil treatments. You apply a bit of the product to wet or dry hair, and rinse it our after an hour.

Do you already know how to follow a complex hair care routine? Or maybe you happen to have other great methods? Share them in comments.


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