My Way For Naturally Beautiful And Full Brows – Brow Lamination At Home. How To Do It?

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If you dream of beautiful and full-looking eyebrows, the lamination treatment may be the perfect solution for you. By doing it at home you can save a lot of time and money. How to do brow lamination at home? Firstly, you need a good lamination kit – I chose Nanobrow Lamination Kit. Secondly, find a free hour during the day and give it a go!

Nowadays, beautiful and pampered eyebrows are equally important as perfect makeup or hairstyle. To achieve the perfect brow look, it’s worth trying different beauty treatments like eyebrow lamination which now you can easily do at home!

Beautiful eyebrows without a beauty salon – the Nanobrow home brow lamination kit

To start with, here are some facts about home eyebrow lamination with the kit from Nanobrow:

  • One Nanobrow brow lamination kit = up to 10 uses!
  • The effects of single brow lamination last up toΒ 6 weeks.
  • The price is the cost of one beauty salon appointment.

Eyebrow lamination allows you to improve the shape of your eyebrows, as well as give them a fuller look and strengthen them, resulting in thicker and shinier eyebrows with a more defined shape. Eyebrow lamination gives brows a better shape and a more elegant look. This treatment done at home is a hack for long-lasting brow styling, as well as for saving time during daily makeup.

I’m not a professional, but the results turned out wonderful! Until now, I had to visit a beautician every month to maintain my eyebrows. Now I know how to deal with them myself! πŸ˜€ This is a great option for girls with bushy brows that need a little taming. For sparser eyebrows, lamination can make them look more voluminous and lifted, ensuring a more voluminous look. Larger gaps can be filled in with your favorite brow makeup product – a pencil, pomade, or brow pen.

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Eyebrow lamination at home with Nanobrow Lamination Kit – my results

It is worth noting that the brow lamination treatment at home took me only an hour, and I will do another one in about 6 weeks! πŸ™‚ It is a completely non-invasive, safe, and, above all, easy treatment, and all the necessary products and tools are included in the box. With this DIY treatment, you can save time and money, and enjoy the perfect look of your eyebrows for a long time at the same time. What effects of lamination have I noticed on my eyebrows?

  • Keeps the eyebrows in perfect shape every day for 6 weeks
  • Makes the brows seem thicker and fuller
  • Improves the condition and hydration of the brows
  • Adds a gentle and healthy shine
  • Saves time during daily makeup routine
  • Easier styling of even the most unmanageable brows, it’s enough to brush through them with a spoolie

Nanobrow Eyebrow Lamination Kit is a complete set of products designed to perform this treatment yourself at home. All products are precisely labeled and numbered. Just follow the steps according to the instructions – don’t worry, it’s easy!

How to do brow lamination at home? Step-by-step instructions

The Nanobrow brow lamination kit contains:

  • Brow glue
  • Lifting lotion
  • Fixer
  • Brush
  • Spoolie
  • 10 disposable applicators


  1. Wash away your makeup with a water-based product like a micellar makeup remover. Avoid oil-based ones that leave an oily residue on your eyebrows.
  2. Apply a small amount of glue – Brow glue on the eyebrows with a special applicator. Leave it on for 25-50 seconds.
  3. Reach for the Step 1 bottle and a brush. Apply the product with it, shaping the brows into the desired position. Start from the inner brow edge.
  4. Leave the product on the eyebrows for 5-8 minutes, then wipe it off with a dry cotton pad.
  5. Use a brush to apply the last product – Step 2 bottle, focusing on shaping the brows properly.
  6. Wait 5-8 minutes and wipe it off your eyebrows with a moistened cotton pad.
  7. Brush your eyebrows with a spoolie.
  8. Your brow lamination is now complete! πŸ™‚

Naturally beautiful eyebrows never go out of style! The brow lamination treatment ensures perfectly shaped, full, and shiny eyebrows that last for weeks. Being able to do it at home provides a huge convenience and, most importantly, saves money πŸ™‚

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