4 Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Mask Work Better!

Probably every girl knows this scenario: you get a hair mask recommended by a friend or top rated in reviews, expect miraculous effects but the product turns out to fail. Instead of healthy, glossy tresses, you got tangled, dull strands. Shockingly, it isn’t necessarily the product’s fault! Maybe your mask needs some support to show its full potential? In today’s post I share 4 ways to make hair masks work better.

We all have different hair, differing in porosity, thickness, length, etc. We could list even more features. That is why it is so hard to find a one-size-fits-all kind of product. Surprisingly, there are methods you can use to make a mask work better on any hair type. Nevertheless, if you think your mask is hopeless, don’t throw it away because it can work as a shaving cream!

Before you cross it out, though, give it the last chance and try four tricks. They are likely to bring you lots of benefits!

1st way to make your hair mask work better: COMBING

Once you apply a mask, don’t sit around. Grab a comb or brush and gently distribute the product along the hair. This way you enhance the absorption of the mask. Just be careful and do it gently because wet hair – even covered in a mask – is very delicate and easily damaged.

2nd way to make your hair mask work better: GET RID OF EXCESS WATER

After rinsing the shampoo, don’t apply a mask right away. Squeeze out the excess water in a towel or cotton t-shirt. Now you can use the mask. This way you avoid the product working worse because of thinning it with water. Remember: getting rid of excess water is an essential step before applying the mask to make it work better!

3rd way to make your hair mask work better: ADD SOME OIL

To upgrade the effect of your mask, add a few drops of oil – only two or three drops are enough to make hair shiny and perfectly-moisturized. Don’t worry, it won’t make your hair greasy. The choice of oil is naturally up to you but olive oil, argan oil and sweet almond oil are the most universal and work well on all hair types.

4th way to make your hair mask work better: SPA DAY!

After applying the mask, put on a shower cap and towel. Use a blow-dryer if you like – this looks like salon treatment. Hair experts use the heat to intensify the performance of applied products. The heat opens up the cuticles so hair “soaks” the nutrients easily. It is time-consuming and not to do on a daily basis but hair definitely deserves such therapy from time to time, and you can do it effortlessly at home.


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