A little bit of shine won’t do any harm to hair. Liquid Shine Clear Glaze by John Frieda


Mette, rough and dry. This is exactly how my hair looked like a few months ago. Fortunately, today my strands’ appearance is completely different. What did I do? I applied preparation by John Frieda, Liquid Shine Clear Glaze. You’re going to read about the effects delivered by this product in this entry. Feel invited to read it.

Why does hair lose its shine?

Hair gets matte because of a few reasons. Firstly, hair isn’t treated with matching cosmetics or the strands aren’t provided with sufficient care at all. Ingredients included in mismatched products can dehydrate strands and contribute to excessive hair falling out, losing its natural colour and shine. Secondly, hair can be deprived of gloss as an aftermath of undergoing diseases connected with disturbed scalp functioning. Thirdly, UV rays, free radicals and air pollution also contribute to hair getting matte.

How to restore shine to hair?

You can make a good use of hair washes,dietary supplements and hair oils. However, today I’d like to show you a completely different cosmetic, which is Liquid Shine Clear Glaze by John Frieda. The producer claims that this cosmetic is a kind of glaze for hair which aim is to deliver gloss and restore the natural shine to hair. Probably you associate the word ‘glaze’ with gastronomy; this shiny and sweet substance which is used to cover cakes and donuts. Well, John Frieda glaze definitely isn’t sweet, yet it flawlessly makes hair glossy right after the first use.

How to use Liquid Shine Clear Glaze?

Detangle hair precisely and then divide it into smaller sections. Now, apply John Frieda cosmetic to each of the strands. After that, try to thoroughly comb the hair covered with the cosmetic glaze. Thanks to this, you will distribute Liquid Shine Clear Glaze all over the hair evenly. Wait more or less 20 minutes and then rinse the cosmetic off. Finally, dry the hair and style it as you want.

What effect can you expect due to hair glazing?

After the first use of Liquid Shine Clear Glaze hair shines beautifully, is smooth and incredibly neat. The cosmetic by John Frieda doesn’t change the natural colour of strands but provides long-lasting shine. Moreover, the product doesn’t contain ammoniac, which is why, the cosmetic is safe for delicate and super damaged hair.

What is your way to highlight hair?


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