Dafni has new brush to make hair straight. Is it better than the foregoer?


Straight or curly, long or short, blonde or ginger… Do these dilemmas look familiar to you, too? If yes, I can tell you how to solve one of these problems. I’m talking here about a hair straightening brush – DAFNI Dafni Black. This is the newest version of the first device of DAFNI that was designed to make hair straight and detangled. Is it really better than its foregoer?

Dafni Black – 2in1 product?

These are the best ones! This brush makes hair straight and detangled with just one motion. Thanks to this, I can save time and ease my nerves that I used to fray during detangling. How does Dafni Black brush, the one which helps me styling my hair, look like? The device features bristle of various length: some of the bristle combs hair and the other makes hair straight by generating high temperature and steam. Moreover, Dafni Black brush features an in-built on/off button and a long wire. The entire set goes with a holder where you can put your brush while not using it.

DAFNI Dafni Black brush – useful information

This hair straightening brush by Dafni Black has improved shape, thanks to which, its use is easier and faster. The device is made of high quality materials which are truly durable, they protect the scalp and hair from scalds as well as deliver immediate and long-lasting effects. Thanks to taking advantage of high quality materials as well as upgraded shape and small size, the brush enables to create curls or make the hair perfectly straight. Dafni Black by DAFNI needs just a minute to get to 185ºC, which shortens time devoted to hair styling and prevents hair structure damages.

How do I use Dafni Black?

First of all, hair must be dry and precisely detangled. Otherwise, the strands might become tangled and get damaged, the scalp might get irritated. Then, I divide my hair into sections and then precisely comb. A strand must stay close to the ceramic plate of the brush – this is the most important condition that guarantees obtaining perfectly smooth hair. I comb the hair very slowly, moving the device from the roots to the ends. Just two strokes with Dafni Black are enough to make the strands remain straight for long. The last step is applying a gloss delivering and smoothing cosmetic. My new hairdo is ready.


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