Emulsifier for hair treatments. How to wash oil off hair?

Hair oil treatment has recently become very trendy and it’s said to be the most effective way to condition both hair and scalp. No matter which oil you use, you have to wash it off afterwards. Usually clarifying shampoos are used but there is a far better way to rinse your oil treatment. Check what stands behind the tough-looking term ’emulsify hair’.

How to wash an oil off hair?

Hair oil treatments have lots of benefits. Thanks to this hair care method, strands are softer, shinier, receive moisture and nutrients. It’s crucial that you tailor your oil to your hair porosity type. High porosity hair makes best match with oils made of large particles easily penetrating through raised cuticle scales e.g. avocado oil. On the other hand, hair which has low porosity needs oils composed of tiny particles e.g. jojoba oil.

If the oil you applied isn’t fully absorbed, you obviously must wash it off. Girls usually use shampoos with detergents for that. It’s not a bad idea – after all, this kind of product thoroughly clears hair of oil, sebum and other dirt or greasy residue. Nevertheless, there’s a whole lot better way for washing hair after oil treatment. This method additionally conditions hair and – what’s best – it doesn’t have as negative effect as detergents.

What does emulsify mean?

It means combining two consistencies into one. You can emulsify oil with water after getting creamy consistency. An emulsifier, that is an ingredient bonding two substances, is used for that. The same process applies to hair emulsifying. The emulsifier is a mask or conditioner which combines water with oil.

How to emulsify hair?

There are a few ways. One of them involves emulsifying hair after applying an oil. After approx. fifteen mins, apply a light conditioner and after 45 mins rinse all off. To make sure oil is gone, use a mild shampoo free from SLS.

Using another way, you emulsify the hair before a wash. Apply and oil, leave in, apply a mask or conditioner fifteen mins before washing. Finally, use a delicate shampoo. The last method involves emulsifying wet hair: apply the oil treatment, when you’re about to rinse it, dampen the hair, apply a conditioner or mask and leave it in for around 10 mins. Next, wash the hair with SLS-free shampoo.


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