How to take care of hair? Golden Line 4 DSD de Luxe. Keratin treatment for the scalp


Indeed, hair is one of the most feminine attributes that enhances beauty. We should take the proper care of the strands as well as make our best to help them look beautiful and remain healthy for as long as it is possible. When it comes to my hair, I use the cosmetics that belong to Golden Series by DSD de Luxe. The set contains keratin. How do these products serve my hair? Feel invited to read my entry.

What cosmetics does Golden Series DSD de Luxe feature?

The Golden Series marked with number 4 contains seven cosmetics designed to treat hair. Thanks to them, we can condition strands and scalp in a comprehensive way. The products are closed in a black and golden packaging. The series 4 is comprised of:

  • shampoo 4.1 Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment;
  • shampoo 4.1.1 Dixidox de Luxe Violet;
  • conditioner 4.2 Dixidox de Luxe Triple Action;
  • hair mask 4.3 Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment;
  • lotion 4.4 Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment;
  • lotion 4.4.1 Royall Jelly + Grenn O2 de Luxe;
  • serum 4.5 Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment.

How do DSD de Luxe cosmetics work?

The cosmetic by DSD de Luxe work in two ways: they activate hair growth and condition it from the inside. Furthermore, they regenerate strands and protect them from chemical and mechanical damages. The products that belong to Golden Series have anti-oxygenating features and protect against solar radiation. Additionally, they smooth, moisturise and deliver gloss to strands. Thanks to the content of natural substances, hair and scalp become well-conditioned. The cosmetics by DSD de Luxe feature:

  • vitamins: B-group, A, C, E, and H;
  • natural substances: royal jelly, cotton extract, shea butter, aloe gel, caffeine, chestnut extract;
  • supplementary substances: keratin, betaine, panthenol, collagen;
  • microelements: zinc, silica, iron, magnesium.

How to use DSD de Luxe?

The shampoos have to be applied daily either for conditioning or therapeutic purposes. The remaining cosmetics have to be applied for 5-15 minutes and then rinsed off thoroughly. The products that belong to Gold Series can be applied to strands and scalp. A slightly different way of application is connected with Dixidox de Luxe Keratin Treatment lotion. The ampules have to be massaged into the scalp and left till absorbed fully. Treatment lasts 6 months.


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