How to use shampoo properly?


Did you know that proper use of shampoo has a beneficial influence on the condition of the hair and scalp? Seriously! The technique, as well as correct use of cosmetics, are essential steps towards beautiful and healthy hair. If you do not know how to do it the right way, read today’s post to find out! 

The correct way of shampooing

  1. First of all, start from brushing out your hair (knots and tangles will make everything more difficult so getting rid of them is an essential step). Also, make sure to set the right temperature of water. It cannot be either too hot nor too cold. The best solution is to make it slightly warmer than our body temperature.
  2. Wet the hair and the scalp thoroughly. Make sure that every inch is wet and do not squeeze excess water – the more the better. This way the shampoo will be easily distributed and it will lather well.
  3. Dilute the shampoo with a bit of water to make it more gentle and even easier to apply. This trick will help you use less of the product with better results. Apply it to the hair and scalp and give yourself a relaxing massage. Remember to make circular motions for about 2 minutes.
  4. If the scalp is oily, the shampoo will not lather well enough and you will have to repeat the process again (look point 3). Finally, rinse the shampoo thoroughly. Start with the roots of hair and scalp. Gently bend the other strands to rinse the foam off. Do not forget about the cool water directed at the hair and scalp. By reducing the temperature the hair scales will close and the hair will be smooth.
  5. Squeeze out excess water with your hands. Do not pull or tug your hair because you can weaken it. The water that has been streaked in, drain off with a cotton or paper towel. Now, you can either blow-dry the hair or leave it to air-dry.

Things you cannot do!

  1. Do not use too much shampoo. Using half the bottle at once will not improve the condition or the appearance of the strands. On the contrary. Large amounts of shampoo are difficult to get rid of and the lather might stay between the hair and cause irritations.
  2. Do not pull your hair. When you tear and rub your hair too vigorously during washing, you weaken the hair follicles, which in turn leads to hair loss. The same happens when you wipe the strands too strongly with a towel.
  3. Do not wash your hair many times in a row. To clean your hair and scalp, all you need to do is wash it twice. The exceptions are: very greasy hair, after hair oiling or after the use of a thick and oily mask.

And how do you girls wash your hair and how do you use shampoo?


When I was a little Juliet, I wanted to become a teacher. Today, I am fulfilling myself by giving advice and describing my cosmetic experience through this blog. WELCOME!

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