New From BaByliss Paris! Digital Sensor ST500E hair straightener


Many of us will agree with the statement that the hair must be perfectly smooth. Personally, I think I am obsessed with sleek hair, which is why I have already tested many flat irons as well straightening treatments done at the salon. Unfortunately, none of them have been 100% satisfying. Suddenly, I discovered a new straightener from BaByliss – Digital Sensor ST500E. How does it work? Let’s do a quick test!

Digital Sensor ST500E from BaByliss in numbers

Whenever we buy a straightener or another hair styling tool, we always pay attention to a few points that concern: the power, temperature and additional functions. Here comes BaByliss – its functions are really useful and thought-through. The tool has been equipped with a sensor controlling temperature: it measures it 366 times per second! There are also 12 temperature settings (from  180ºC to 235ºC); it is adjusted to the hair type. What is more, it takes only 15 seconds to heat it up! The heating plates are covered with a ceramic coating that protects the hair from damage. The ionic function is also designed to take care of the condition of the strands – it will prevent static.

What effects will you get by using Digital Sensor ST500E from BaByliss?

Digital Sensor ST500E is suitable for all types of hair. It protects against the damaging effects of high temperature so the hair is not exposed to dehydrating, breakage and losing natural shine. This flat iron straightens hair at one go and with minimal effort of clamping the pates. Thanks to BaByliss Digital Sensor you will get a professional effect without leaving your home. Your hair will be silky smooth, shiny, and soft. In order to use and store the tool in proper conditions, the producer provides a special bag and heat resistant mat.

How do I straighten my hair?

Once I wash and dry my hair, I apply a generous amount of a heat protecting spray and brush it through. Next, I part my hair into small sections and begin straightening. I start from the back of my head, even though it is harder to reach, one swipe is enough but I always like to go over at least twice to make the effects last longer. Once I am done with the entire head and every piece is nice and straight, I go over with a comb and brush out any tangles. Then, I apply a cosmetic that improves shine. The effects are amazing!


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