TOP 6 Remedies for Dull Hair

Some time ago my hair looked dull and totally lifeless. Thankfully, I’ve trained myself to follow the right hair care routine. I’ve tested tons of products struggling to find the suitable ones. It took me a lot of time to watch my hair react to different cosmetics so I guess I know a lot on the topic. Let me share the best ways for getting a great hairdo!

Why does hair lose shine?

Hair usually reflects our health so there are different causes of hair going dull. If your body lacks something, then your strands are very likely to suffer. Strong stress also has a negative effect on the condition of hair so it’s good to keep healthy. Still, wrong hair-care choices are usually the cause of lost shine. We are usually the wrongdoers: hot airflow, bleaching, color-treating, daily heat styling… The list is endless. See my six best remedies for dull, lifeless hair.

1. Mild shampoo

If your hair needs daily shampooing, get a mild product and remember that harsh ingredients and silicones dry out the skin and strip it of the natural protective coating.The wrong shampoo means hair-care disaster. Go for gentle hydrating shampoos.

2. Hair conditioners and masks

Dreaming of lovely tresses? Never ever forget about conditioning products. Hair needs it after every wash. Always check the ingredient list before putting something in your hair. Products rich in oils, herbs and vitamins are powerful shine boosters. Conditioners and masks featuring vitamin E, honey, aloe, argan oil and keratin make a perfect pick too. Just remember that you can unintentionally over protein your strands so don’t use too much proteins.

3. Use cool water for final rinsing

Cool water seals hair cuticles smoothing the hair throughout its length. Smooth hair is way shinier. Still, hair hates extreme temperatures so keep it cool.

4. Hair rinse

I always use an acidic rinse after shampooing and love the effects. They close the cuticles and remove the product buildup. You will find plenty of ideas online so you’ll surely get one made for your hairdo. Use your hair-rinsing mixture after shampooing and conditioning.

5. Boiled water

Tap water is the wrongdoer that makes your hair dull-looking. Hard tap water worsens the hair, deprives it of shine, leaves it coarse and lifeless. If possible, use filtered or boiled water for rinsing. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of the scale.

6. Never overuse the styling products

You apply too much hairspray, mousse, cream? Bigger amounts don’t translate into better effects! It’s hard to wash silicones out of hair so it goes coarse and can’t breathe. The loss of shine may be actually caused by weighing hair down with products. Go for natural solutions.

Try following these tips for some time and you’ll forget the dull strands soon!


When I was a little Juliet, I wanted to become a teacher. Today, I am fulfilling myself by giving advice and describing my cosmetic experience through this blog. WELCOME!

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