What’s your hair’s favorite food? Check what to eat for lovely hair!

I’d like to talk you through a special diet and I don’t mean slimming diets. I mean the one that makes your skin, hair and nails look their best. What’s your hair’s favorite dish? What vitamins and minerals are essential? You should know that and change your eating habits once you spot your hair is getting worse, lifeless and dull.

Hair care isn’t all about cosmetic products. You should nourish strands from within to keep them healthy and pretty. A hair bulb is the most important part of hair which grows out of a follicle which in turn receives nutrients from the food you eat. That is why the body needs regular supplies of nutritional ingredients to be able to deliver them to hair bulbs. Note that your body nourishes the key organs first and when there aren’t enough nutrients, little is left for the hair… Learn top foods for healthy hair!

The best foods for healthy hair

Proteins and sulfur amino acids can be hailed as the best ingredients in hair care! Protein and sulfur are the most most important, “vip” ingredients essential for healthy hair structure making hair lovely and thick. Where to get them from then? Eat beef, beans, fish, eggs.
Black radish, radish, horseradish, cabbage, cress, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and onion are high in sulfur.

  • Silicon – hair can’t do without it! Silicon intensively strengthens hair and speeds up growth. This is a hair-building element and unfortunately the body uses it up fast. Eat rolled oats, bran, dairy products, rice, beetroots to replenish silicon.
  • Zinc – a must if you want your hair to keep healthy. You can find it in fish, sea food, legumes, nuts.
  • Iron – second to none when you want to grow long hair because it ensures healthy hair structure and speeds up growth process. If you want waist-length hair, have some leafy greens!
  • Magnesium – has a big impact on the condition of hair. It’s included in wheat, meat, nuts.
  • Vitamins B – turn out to be among the most crucial vitamins for lovely hair. They regulate secretion of sebum, improve the structure and shine of hair, delay graying. They make hair way stronger. You can find them in yeast, buckwheat groats, nuts, almonds, eggs, tomatoes and parsley.
    Biotin is the most important vitamin B and it’s the best at strengthening, repairing and improving the appearance of hair. You can find it in hop, natural rice, egg yolk, liver, mashroom, sea food, soy.
  • Vitamin C is also important because it strengthens and revitalizes hair bulbs, makes hair resistant to damage. Blackberries, oranges, cabbage, kiwi, tomatoes, cranberries and apples are high in vit. C.
  • Vitamin E – also essential for healthy hair growth. You can actually deliver it to hair easily by applying natural oils. Thanks to regular hair oil treatment you can provide hair bulbs with vitamin E included in oils. Argan oil is the highest in vit. E. Never forget to use oils on hair, at least once a week! You can find the vitamin in cold-pressed oils, sunflower, almonds, asparagus, celery and brown bread.

Let’s call it a day! Bon appetit! 🙂


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