Hair Growing vs Trimming. At One Go or Piece by Piece?

Growing long hair is a nightmare, especially for girls who like to have beautiful and well-maintained hair all the time. Sadly, I have bad news for you – you won’t make it happen while hair grows. You must choose between patiently growing long hair or a radical trimming.

How to trim damaged hair?

There are two ways. The first one involves gradually getting rid of ends. The other one consists in cutting down all damaged strands at a time. While choosing the best method, think about your haircut (layered or straight), hair volume (fine hair gets damaged quickly so needs to be trimmed more often) and how you’re going to feel in a new hairstyle. Remember that the gradual trimming makes the growing process last longer.

Trim it to Grow it

Although it sounds irrational, trimming is the best way for growing long hair. The effect will be spectacular, your hairdo – healthy and beautiful. Remember that hair grows more or less 0.5 inch per month. If your hair is extremely damaged, more than 0.5 inch will get destroyed in a month; ends will be split, brittle and dry. That is why many of you have an impression that hair fails to grow or even gets shorter. Conclusion? Trim damaged tips before you start growing long hair.

With one cut or piece by piece?

Good question, how to trim hair? Every method has its assets and downsides. The choice is yours.

  • Radical trimming is good for damaged, over-processed, sensitive, bleached, brittle, dry hair. Cutting down your hair gives faster and better effects and lets you grow healthy and strong hair. If you have long hair and want to make it shorter, you must be aware of a sudden change in your image. Are you ready for this?
  • Gradual trimming works for those who are very patient and don’t expect quick effects. What are the advantages of the method? Keeping the length and no radical changes in the appearance. On the other hand, you have an impression your hair stays the same and growing it takes more time.

Which hair trimming method are you going to choose? 


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