How do I take care of my hair? A few simple tips for absolute beginners

Hello Girls!

Probably you often wonder what to begin your hair care with. Is it browsing the Internet forums or reading opinions of other girls? Theoretically this is a way, but it’s worth realising that these are only the personal stories that you are going to find, which can’t be categorised as tips, in most cases. Of course, you can also ask a hairdresser for a piece of advice. However, it’s highly possible that s/he will try to rip you off by offering some cosmetics which are sold in the salon. So what’s the best solution here? I hope that my tips concerning hair care will be helpful for all of you. Let’s start!

Get to know your hair better

The most important element of hair and scalp care is to… get to know them better. Hence, define its porosity first. I’m sure you already know that hair can be of high porosity, low porosity and medium porosity. How to find it out? On the Internet you can come across plenty of ways to define porosity type of your hair. When you run a test then you will finally realize that highly porous hair will never be smooth and shiny if you don’t expose it to various professional treatments. Moreover, bear in mind that low porosity hair will never win mega volume. Checking the type of hair curl is also crucial because it might appear that your strands have the tendency to curl no matter of you persistently trying to make it straight. It’s also worth realising that even if your hair behaves like that, it doesn’t mean that it matches curly hair type. Yep, these are two different things.

Hair has its needs as well

You have to know when hair seeks for moisturisation and when the hair has got enough of it. You should also be able to realize when your strands needs smoothing. To make a long story short, while taking care of hair, you must balance PEH, which equals supplying your hair with the right quantities of: proteins, emollients, and humectants. Proteins fill in the gaps appearing on hair structure, deliver volume and shine, yet the excess of them leads to dehydration, fizziness and problems with combing. Humectants in turn replenish hair with water and reinforce it. The lack of this substance results in hair getting weaker, whereas the excess of it makes hair look greasy and neglected. Finally, emollients, the substances that shield hair against damages by creating a protective coat around it. When the quantity of emollients isn’t sufficient, strands are static-prone. When hair is overburdened with emollients, it has this ‘second-day’ look.

The best products for you

When you finally manage to define your hair porosity and its type, and when you finally can address its needs, it’s time to talk about the right products to apply. You can make use of the following cosmetic list:

  • a delicate shampoo for daily use;
  • a strongly cleansing shampoo to use once a week;
  • conditioners and/or hair masks featuring emollients, proteins and humectants;
  • a serum with silicones for hair ends;
  • an oil matching hair porosity;
  • a scalp lotion promoting hair growth or preventing hair loss,
  • hair styling products.


Nothing just comes out of thin air. Only systematic hair care can bring out the looked-for effects. Therefore, if you apply an oil only a few times and then wash hair with a strongly cleansing shampoo then bang goes the affects you want to achieve. For that reason, reserve some evening time for hair conditioning procedures. Once in a while, pamper your hair with home SPA. When you fall into this ‘hairy’ routine, it will be easier for you to take care of the strands. Yet, what’s even more important is the outcome you will notice really fast – significant improvement of your hair condition. Just think: systematic hair care can be compared to working out, following some particular eating habits, or learning foreign languages. You will never accomplish your goals unless you are systematic with what you are doing.

Setting hair

Naturally, hair care isn’t all that has to be taken into account while keeping hair’s good health. There is yet another way thanks to which hair remains beautiful, healthy and neat. It’s about proper hair setting techniques, which neither damage hair nor irritate scalp. Therefore, the use of right hairstyling cosmetics and tools which don’t damage hair structure is crucial. What’s interesting, of high importance is also what type of brush or comb you use, and what type of hair band you wear. It must be realized that using proper hairstyling products and accessories for setting a hairdo might keep hair away from mechanical damages and falling out; scalp might be protected against irritations.


When I was a little Juliet, I wanted to become a teacher. Today, I am fulfilling myself by giving advice and describing my cosmetic experience through this blog. WELCOME!

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