How to preserve colour of your hair after using herbal dyes?

Hello Girls!

Today I’m going to advise you what to do in order to preserve the intensive and beautiful colour of hair right after colouring it with herbal products. Recently, I have been using only organic cosmetics because I highly value living in harmony with nature. Moreover, herbal hair dyes deliver outstanding effects and are completely safe. Enjoy reading!

Tip No. 1

I rinse the dye with lukewarm water until the water is 100% clean. I use neither shampoos nor conditioners right after dying my hair because I don’t want to wash down too much of the pigments I’ve just delivered to my strands. Moreover, up to 24 hours I don’t use any hair styling cosmetics since it is the time the herbal dyes require to penetrate into hair. Basically, you can follow with an oil; you can use it to massage the natural substance into your scalp. Just remember that the product has to be rinsed after more or less an hour. Scalp massage serves good those who have dry and dull hair. The effect? Visibly more shiny, smooth and elastic strands.

Tip No. 2

What should be done when the colour of your hair is either too light or too dark? It’s enough to extend or shorten the time you devote to letting the dye sit on hair. Also, you can mix the powdered dyes in other proportions creating, at the same time, the endless number of shades. If you would like to condition the scalp, you can prepare a cosmetic from colourless henna. I’ve tested it myself and I can recommend this solution to you with my clear conscience. Such a cosmetic has more than just colouring features, it also delivers moisturising and nourishing action. The amount of time you are going to let the dye sit on the hair depends on you only. Colourless henna conditioner can be applied by all of us, no matter of the hair type.

Tip No. 3

If you change the colour of your hair thanks to a herbal cosmetic, you mustn’t apply products containing silicones. Despite their protective action, they don’t allow moisturising, nourishing and caring substances to penetrate into the hair. In order to preserve the intensive shade of hair, resign from using silicone containing cosmetics, at least for a while. It’s a substance which is hard to get rid of from the inside of the hair. The fastest way to remove silicone from the hair is by using herbal shampoos.


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