New stuff for hairmaniacks delivered by BaByliss Paris. Hair accessories – Digital Sensor


Hair blow-drying and straightening carried out with the aid of appropriate devices is extremely crucial. Modern gadgets protect strands and enable us to obtain marvellous effects. And this is how new hair styling tools by BaByliss Paris, Digital Sensor work.

Digital Sensor hair styling tools by BaByliss Paris

Digital Sensor is a set of intelligent devices designed to dry and style hair. It’s said that the tools themselves know which temperature to set and how to protect the strands. BaByliss Paris series features blow-dryer 6500E, rotating brush AS500E, flat iron ST500E and automatic curler C1500E. How each of the tools work?

Blow-dryer 6500E Digital Sensor by BaByliss Paris

The blow-dryer features a digital sensor which manages the temperature and regulates it 366 times per second. Thanks to this, hair is treated with the right temperature while being blow-dried. Moreover, the device goes with a diffusor that is responsible for significantly boosting hair volume. Two modes to select help match hair drying method to its type. 6500E also features ionization function which prevents static. Thanks to these settings, BaByliss Paris blow-dryer enables faster hair styling in lower temperature. Owning to this device, strands are smooth, bouncy and way healthier. Last but not least, this hair styling tool has silent mode built in, thanks to which, it’s works 24% less noisy than a regular blow dryer.

Rotating brush AS500E Digital Sensor BaByliss Paris

This device also features heat control sensor. Apart from that, it has two-level temperature setting, speed setting and two directions of rotation to choose. The rotating brush protects hair from static thanks to the built-in ionization function. The stream of cool air generated by the tool shields hair against damages. The set goes with four heads: 40 mm and 50 mm ceramic rotating brush, straightening nozzle Beliss and straightening brush. What is the effect delivered by this hair styling tool from Digital Sensor set? Surely, the process of hair styling will be faster and easier as the scalp will be protected against hot stream of air and possible irritations.

Flat iron ST500E Digital Sensor BaByliss Paris

I guess I won’t surprise you if I say that this device also features hair protection mode, which automatically adjusts its temperature to hair condition. While talking about the temperature, the flat iron features 12 settings so you can treat your hair with 180ºC up to 235ºC; which is suitable for all hair types. The straightening plates are covered with a ceramic layer and are ready to work within 15 seconds. Alike the blow-dryer, the flat iron has clear LCD display. Thanks to this Digital Sensor device by BaByliss Paris, your hair will be smooth, straight and neat just at one go.

Automatic curler C1500E Digital Sensor BaByliss Paris

BaByliss Paris has developed AUTO CURL technology especially in order to implement it to this hair styling tool. The automatic curler has got a built-in 3-mode system to curl hair (left, right and alternately). The set goes with two exchangeable heads (25 mm to create small curls and 33 mm creates big curls). Apart from that, the automatic curler has ceramic plates and a LCD display. Moreover, this device features a special thermal insulation mat which can be used to place the device on when it’s hot. I can confirm that C1500E delivers easiness of use as well as long-lasting and lovely curls.


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