Zero Waste Beauty Routine: How to Care for Body, Face and Hair in Eco-Friendly Way?

Nowadays, we try to live a more eco-friendly life so we use less plastic, replace plastic bags with reusable ones, use reusable food boxes, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to turn to a zero waste beauty routine as well? I share some tips to care for the body and planet alike!

How to have an eco-friendly beauty routine?

First and foremost, take a shower, not a bath! This way you save water. Stop using disposable razors and buy a replaceable blade razor instead. Replace body lotions with natural body butters and oils (e.g. coconut oil).

Zero Waste Hair Care

Choose shampoo bars which aren’t packed in plastic. They are more natural, last you longer, lather very well and come in eco-friendly packaging (zero plastic!). You can also try some home remedies to nourish the hair deeply: try a herbal or apple cider vinegar rinse which gives brilliant effects. You can find some shampoo refill stations to reuse your bottles and reduce the amount of plastic.

Eco-Friendly Face Care

Replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one! When you think you run out of your foundation, cut the packaging in half – I guarantee it will last you for a few more uses. Try to replace ready products with homemade treatments and cosmetics. You can easily make a face toner or scrub using ingredients from the kitchen! Instead of disposable cotton pads or swabs, use reusable alternatives. You can also try make-up removing gloves.

What else can you do?

Most of all, buy less! We often get carried away and buy needless items because of a sale for example. You should try to be a more conscious consumer and be reasonable. If possible, reuse packaging after used products. Choose natural products that come in glass or recycled packaging. When shopping, check if a brand you pick is environmentally-friendly or not.

Naturally, it’s hard to introduce all of the habits at once. Remember that small steps make big changes. Changing just one habit will have a good effect on our planet.


When I was a little Juliet, I wanted to become a teacher. Today, I am fulfilling myself by giving advice and describing my cosmetic experience through this blog. WELCOME!

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